Oh silly Democrats, we know you think money grows on some magical money tree, but that’s just not how it works. When people borrow money (and NO ONE forces anyone to borrow money), they must pay it back.

This is not predatory, or mean, or evil, or racist, or sexist or any of those other sexy words the Left is so fond of right now.

It’s reality.

Then again, no one has ever accused Kamala Harris of understanding reality.

The nerve indeed!

Surely this is Trump’s fault.

Right? Mean ol’ lenders.


Bet they can buy their coffee and pay for their cell phones – it’s called priorities and paying bills, it’s what adults do.

Wait, you want a Democrat to write a check? HA! They only like to spend other people’s money.


Jake Tapper drags Donald Trump over the coals on CNN, but Paul Ryan ends up getting burned