As Twitchy readers know, Alyssa Milano was calling for AntiFa to stay peaceful during the Boston riot … err … protest on Saturday.

This seems an odd tweet to us; don’t be the bad guys the ‘Nazis’ want them to be? Well the Nazis didn’t even show up, AntiFa did, and they threw rocks and urine at cops.

Gosh, you’d think Alyssa would WANT there to be a distinction between mainstream Left and the alt-Left.

Uh-oh, Doc’s got a point – there really are no good guys when Commies and Nazis are fighting.

Right. A noble yet clueless message.


Says the gal labeling the Right as Nazis.


AntiFa = thugs.

WAIT WAIT WAIT … Alyssa had no idea what AntiFa was? And now she’s claiming the Right is trying to marry them to the Left, but up there she denied there being an alt-Left?

Did we read that right?

Hence the alt-left.

You’re welcome.

Interestingly enough, Doc and Alyssa ended this back-and-forth on a friendly note, with Alyssa asking Doc to submit a piece for her site which is ironically called patriot not partisan or something.

Which would be ‘noble’ as she said earlier in the conversation if she weren’t herself incredibly partisan.



DUH! Alyssa Milano (accidentally) admits AntiFa is VIOLENT with plea to ‘stay peaceful’ in Boston