This seems like common sense to most sane, rational Americans, yes? Don’t defend mobs of violent hateful people, regardless of their politics. In other words, don’t defend the alt-right OR AntiFa.


Apparently though, Jeet Heer, Senior Editor at The New Republic was somehow triggered by this tweet:

‘Both-sides-ism’. We love it when the Left makes up cute little words to push their silly narratives.

Oh and this was probably not the best thing to tweet to Josh Hammer because …


This would be a good time to walk away, Jeet.

But he didn’t.


It makes his tweet back to Josh worse, yes.

Don’t oppress Jeet with such simple concepts as opposing evil regardless of which political side they fall on.

The word of the day, boys and girls, is glib.

Seems legit.

Evil is as evil does, this is not difficult. And no amount of evil Nazis makes the Communists less evil. And wait, weren’t these the same Lefties who have been screaming at us since November that the evil Russians are out to get us?

Oh right, never mind.

Wow, Jeet has not only doubled down, but he’s tripled down.

Enter Shapiro (note, we already wrote about Ben once today but this was too good NOT to include):

He mad.

He’s on a roll.

He definitely mad.

Ouch. You know when they start making it personal like that, you’ve won.

Did he really make a virgin jab at Ben?

Yikes dude, that’s just embarrassing.


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