SJWs were mad at William Shatner for donating money for a statue.

No, seriously.

Can you imagine having this much free time to be outraged over monuments? These folks must just sit around searching the web looking for evil, racist statues to be outraged over.

Probably a good sign they all need a new hobby.

Luckily William Shatner was more than happy to provide the horde of statue-haters with a little bit of history:

But he was a Confederate and suddenly that means we should tear his statue down; even though we’ve been ignoring them for decades. Even Obama left them alone.

Everything is confusing to SJWs, Mr. Shatner.

Umm …

Yes, they will.

Honestly William shouldn’t have to justify what he does with his own money … but then again it is the regressive, controlling, oppressive Left we’re talking about here.

Not good enough for them.

A big ol’ nobody, that’s who.

Wouldn’t it be grand? Well, until you had to tie your own shoes but still …



Lee again? What?

The brainiacs with their revised history have been out in full force.


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