Oh media. You do make us laugh, especially when your bias is as obvious as it has been for the past week or so.

And many thanks to Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) for summing up how the mainstream media has been covering AntiFa:

The media has been falling all over itself to protect AntiFa because in their little minds they are the opposite of Donald Trump. They don’t really understand what the movement is all about … at least we hope they don’t because if they do, they’re almost as bad as the morons throwing urine at cops.

We knew it!

And that the ‘alt-left’ isn’t a thing … yup.


Peace through violence, or something.

Can’t make this up.

Luckily today’s crap media does that for us.


‘Stupid black b*tch! Supposed to be on our side!’ AntiFa attacks black officer during Boston protest