We’re gonna guess Representative Garamendi didn’t mean to admit Women’s March is anti-free speech during this interview on MSNBC.

What a maroon.

He’s even bragging about it.

And hey, he’s not wrong – the two groups definitely have a LOT in common.

Both ‘movements’ were about stifling speech they disagree with and protesting … nothing. Not to mention we’re pretty sure the Women’s March would have been just as nasty to this woman holding her American flag.

That’s the spirit of the Women’s March alright.

Perhaps AntiFa themselves said it best?

Note, there are several parody AntiFa accounts on Twitter … sad thing is the real ones are as nutty as the parodies so it’s hard to tell the difference. Either way, this is definitely a feasible thought and message for them.

Because nothing says peaceful like dumping urine on cops and screaming about spitting on them.


‘Stupid black b*tch! Supposed to be on our side!’ AntiFa attacks black officer during Boston protest

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