Don’t blame AntiFa, blame the Nazis for Boston!

Too bad none showed up … eh, Alyssa?

That’s because the alt-left are the bad guys today, Alyssa. There are no Nazis, or white supremacists; just a few Trump supporters including one older woman who was dragged on the ground for holding an American flag.

Stay peaceful, that’s adorable.

Fair question.

But they’re supposedly not the alt-left, so does that mean all Democrats are violent?

Yeah, he was just going to cut some firewood for the upcoming winter … sure.

They already have attacked the police; AntiFa needs someone to brutalize otherwise they’re not spreading peace. Or something.

The amount of peace radiating from AntiFa is giving us all a nice warm glow.

They came to fight a bunch of supposed Nazis that DON’T FREAKIN’ EXIST.

Accept it Alyssa, AntiFa ARE the bad guys.

End of story.


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