Wonder if Trump knew this tweet about fake news would trigger a crazy Chris Cuomo meltdown this morning?

Remember when Chris Cuomo said calling him fake news was as bad as people using the n-word?


He seems upset.

These media types seriously tweet like a scorned ex-girlfriend.

This led to a multi-tweet shiznit-storm of epic whiny proportions about the KKK, basically proving Trump’s original tweet correct.


Does Chris think the white nationalists were fighting themselves in Charlottesville? Maybe he should take a look at the journalist who forced AntiFa to give him a concussion?

Cripes dude.

We’re gonna go ahead and call BS on this stat.

Huh again?

Oh look, Chris wrote her off because she’s a woman who supports Trump.


Maybe Chris missed it, but Black Lives Matter wants to eradicate cops.

Just five dead cops in Dallas, right Chris?

But they don’t count.


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