So this happened …

Yikes, right? Pretty awful.

It all started when Marc Caputo of Politico basically called Mollie Hemingway a Nazi for this tweet:

True story – we’re not entirely sure why Marc was so offended by this tweet.

Note: While he did delete the tweet with the gay slur he left the tweet up about Mollie. 

Classy right? Several Conservatives stepped and defended Mollie:

Including Gabriel Malor:

It was at this point Marc made the comment about Gabriel spending a lot of time in public restrooms, and all Hell broke loose. Of course Marc claimed it wasn’t homophobic or a slur but c’mon.

Oh good grief.

Really dude?

Marc rambled on about not knowing Gabriel was gay and that he wasn’t aware it was an issue and then left it up to Gabriel to decide if he should delete it. M’kay.

At which point he did delete (but luckily the Internet is forever).

Even after all of this Gabriel was truly the adult in the conversation:

Marc responded …

A gay slur is a slur, whether the person is gay or not.

You can’t fix stupid.

And an interesting piece on Twitchy.


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