After the events in Charlottesville, Va. on Saturday, we’ve been watching the Sean Spicer parody’s account (@sean_spicier) because we KNEW that not only would the Left confuse him with the real deal (even now), but his tweets about the incident would drive them hilariously insane.

And we weren’t disappointed.

Start here:

Truth hurts.

Nope, never their fault. Totally the Right’s fault for making them mad enough to burn buildings down …

How DARE he suggest this person search for facts! OPPRESSOR.

Bunny jokes are always hilarious.

Hey wait …

Look. For. The. Blue. Check.



Yeah, that’s what she meant.

Like humiliation.


Another … where he quotes Obama:

Our lips are sealed.

Business seems to be better than ever.

Ok, he was TOTALLY trolling with this one.

Wow, that person told Sean.

And the Spicier saga goes on.


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