Coming from The New York Times … this is stupidly hilarious.

Or would that be hilariously stupid?



From The NYT (so you don’t have to click it, you’re welcome):

What is shocking is that while the right-wing media is wringing its hands about suppressive leftists, openly racist and fascist-sympathizing organizations are recruiting young white people on campuses. That conservative pundits have precious little to say when campuses are defiled with swastikas, nooses and racist fliers but cry foul when people like Richard Spencer, Mr. Yiannopoulos and Ms. Coulter are met with protest has become a sick paradox of our time.

Huh? Could this writer BE any denser? Thinking he (or she, we don’t want to assume gender here) should spend a little more time with actual Conservatives.

That’s putting it mildly.

If only.

Someone get them a MIRROR, STAT!

‘Nuff said.


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