As Twitchy readers know, Scott Baio made Rosie O’Donnell an offer we were pretty sure she wouldn’t accept … but we had high hopes.

Here’s what he said:

While she was screeching about she would move out of the country if Trump won, she’s still here.

Much to many on the Right’s dismay.

Oh, and she wasn’t overly thrilled when she saw Baio’s suggestion:

Caps and curses.

The go-to for any true Hollywood elite.

That and blocking people.

Guess she took his offer a little too personally?

Rosie mad.

And she seems to have an awful temper:

Could start a GoFundMe?

Editor’s note: Rosie actually followed this editor for about two weeks, even though we warned her that she wouldn’t like what said editor would tweet. She has since unfollowed. 



Scott Baio makes Rosie O’Donnell an offer she’ll DEFINITELY refuse

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