There is an AWFUL lot of ‘whataboutism’ going around after the ugly events in Charlottesville, Va. over the weekend. What about the alt-right? What about AntiFa? What about those evil ninjas … wait, scratch the last one.

Point being everyone is looking for a way to totally distance themselves from both groups at this point, and who could blame them.

For example, this meme posted about waiting for Democrats to disavow terrorist groups:

Seems he’s been waiting awhile … which is of course the joke.

Not all that controversial really but for whatever reason it triggered poor Patricia Arquette enough for her to respond:

Take it easy, Patricia. It was just a meme.

Maybe Facebook is more her speed?

Presler responded …


And more crickets.

He’s right, Republicans have overwhelmingly condemned what happened in Charlottesville. Democrats meanwhile remain mum about the part AntiFa played, mainly because they’re far too busy saying every right-winger out there is RACIST.

Even though the majority has disavowed the alt-right.

And around and around we go.


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