After the violence in Charlottesville, Va. yesterday, where dozens of people were injured and one woman lost her life, Lady Gaga took to social media in hopes of inspiring people to tweet positive messages with the hashtags #BeKind and #ThisIsNotUs.

Nice idea, except it was Charlottesville, not Charlotte. *oops*

Don’t think Gaga expected the level of hatred she, the people who used the tag or America itself would receive on these hashtags – what’s that saying about the road to Hell?

Check it out:

Not sure that’s what Gaga was saying but you be you.

It only got worse:

Sure, it’s our country but the jackasses marching and fighting do not represent the majority of Americans. And really, does screaming at people who are trying to unite fix anything?

There are still slaves in some countries to this day, but whatevs.

Pretty sure people on the tag are just tired of the constant fighting and racist rhetoric but hey, what do we know, we just work here.

Getting the feeling this gal thinks this IS us.

Look out, Gaga, she’s talking about you.

Honestly this editor also used the hashtag and ZOMG the amount of hatred still on her timeline is impressive. And all for simply pointing out that fringe crazy does not represent America or Americans; Gaga wasn’t wrong, #ThisIsNotUs.


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