While leaders of all political ideals are denouncing the idiocy in Charlottesville, Va., Michael Moore in his infinite ignorance is using it as an opportunity to slam Trump.

Talk about dumping gas on a fire …

Just shameless. Funny how Moore (like other Democrats) conveniently forgets which party was consumed with ‘white power.’

Hint, it ain’t Republicans.

Wonder if he even realizes these same White Nationalists hate Conservatives and Republicans maybe even more than they hate him and the Left.

And wait, white rule?

Last time we checked, Obama wasn’t a white dude.

You’ll only confuse him with questions like this.

Moore loves this, he lives for the division because it feeds his stupid narrative. Like other Lefties, the LAST thing he wants is for people to figure out they’re being played by charlatans.

If they stop ‘resisting’, they stop handing over their money for the cause.


Mic freakin’ drop.


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