If Rep. Kathleen Rice was looking for attention last night … she got it. Accusing Dana Loesch, the NRA and its members of being domestic terrorists was probably one of the most obvious trolls in the history of Twitter. Guess someone desperate for attention will take either the positive or negative sort.

We looked through Rice’s timeline (so YOU don’t have to) and as you can imagine, it’s filled with progressive, paranoid gobbledygook about Trump, guns, racism, sexism; basically she’s a conglomerate of Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris.

This was also not the first time Rice went after Dana:

Not. What. Dana. Said.

And Rice knows it … and what else would you expect from someone who panders to violent gang members of MS-13 while attacking law-abiding Americans who own guns? Check out this shot and chaser:

Notice no call for addressing thugs as domestic terrorists, just Dana and NRA members.


Of course not, she needs their votes.

We don’t wanna know.


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