First Newsweek slut-shamed the Trump women for wearing high heels, and now some progressive garbage-pit publication we’ve never heard of before is attacking Conservative women for their appearance in general and accusing blonde women of being racists.

Can’t EVEN make this up.

From The Cut:

And then, of course, there are the politics of hair color. Attributes associated with whiteness — light skin, narrow noses — have dominated American beauty ideals as long as there’s been such a thing. Which means that blondness has always been … charged: The ’50s gave us Doris Day, who once said that her only ambition ever had been to “be a housewife in a good marriage” (“Preordination had other plans”). To be blonde was to be a good American woman, pure of intention and heart — which implied also, of course, that to be a good American woman, pure of intention and heart, meant being blonde. Betty was blonde, Veronica was trouble. Ditto Sandy and Rizzo. Hitchcock liked to cast blondes because he said they made the best victims: “The color was virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints.”

Talk about epic loads of stupid, right there.

In this editor’s opinion this reads like a jealous, ugly woman wrote it.

Wait, does that make us blonde privileged because yeah, this editor is blonde. #Tough

Of course, Lefties are famous for being giant hypocrites; in their smug little minds Conservative women deserve this kind of mistreatment.

Ugh, these people need to get a hobby.

They have no friggin’ minds to lose.

Sit down, haters.


SEXIST much?! Conservative women BLAST Newsweek for slut-shaming Trump women over high heels

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