Yesterday was the three-year anniversary of the day Mike Brown robbed a convenience store in Ferguson, MO, attacked a cop and got himself killed. Honestly we’re surprised the Left hasn’t tried to make it a national holiday at this point.

Especially when you see tweets like this one from Kamala Harris:

Ensuring truth? Transparency? Trust?


Seems Kamala is still more than happy to pretend evil, racist cops went after poor Mike Brown for no reason; the effort it took to pander on this level is impressive. Of course people with brains in their heads weren’t about to let this fly:

In other words, a Democrat.

She knows who her base is, and that’s likely all that matters to her.

Hands up don’t shoot? No?


What’s unbelievable is the number of people who fav’d and retweeted her nonsense – they really are completely out of touch.

Then again, she was elected in California … good point.


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