It seems even people whom Twitter has deemed ‘worthy’ of verification get confused about how the social media platform works … that or they’ll verify any angry, progressive, easily-triggered fussy-britches who comes along.

Case in point:

Well NOW we’ve gone and done it, we wrote about him.

Brad, we hate to break this to you but retweeting you on Twitter is not illegal nor is it harassment.

*this can’t be real*

If you don’t want people to retweet you don’t be on Twitter. This is not difficult.

Anyone else hope someone is recording this when he goes to the cops to complain that people are retweeting him?

But he didn’t leave Twitter.

This has to be a joke.

Maybe that was his plot all along … to get more retweets?

The guy is VERIFIED, you’d think he’d have some idea as to how Twitter works, yes?

Dude, he had to know this wouldn’t end well for him.

Or he’s trolling for attention.

Either way …



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