Douchebag alert, although we’re not sure if the dbags are the idiots with the baseball bats or the The Washington Post for glamorizing them.

Look how tough they are, with their pretty sunglasses and bandana.

Wonder if the one guy’s hair ‘swishes’ in the air when he walks?

We have another word for people like these folks … we call them THUGS.

From The Washington Post:

But their anarchist community made a fiery entrance into the Trump presidency on Jan. 20, when they organized thousands of people to protest his inauguration by blocking security checkpoints and marching in the streets. Hundreds of them, clad in black clothes and masks, rioted through the downtown.

They used wooden poles and pieces of concrete to break storefronts and smash newspaper boxes, according to an indictment in D.C. Superior Court. More than 200 people were arrested and six police officers were injured. City officials tally the damage from the rioting at about $100,000.


Imagine how the media would have reported Conservatives for causing damage to cities under Obama; they sure as shiznit wouldn’t have glamorized them. We can see the headline now, “REDNECK RACISTS FROM HELL TERRORIZE CITY OVER OBAMA”.

We’re not EVEN exaggerating.

Remember when the Founding Fathers wore hip sunglasses and broke windows to protest King George? Good times.

These same people would spill their Starbucks running away in their Crocs if the other ‘side’ decided to fight back.

*eye roll*

And WaPo is giving them a platform.


Puh-LEEZE! WaPo rides to Bill Clinton’s rescue on NK nukes, blame trickles down to previous prez

Who DID this?! Please please PLEASE let it be DuckDuckGo that epically trolled Google with this gif

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