Well isn’t he precious … maybe he should go back to law school.

A lawyer who doesn’t support protecting First Amendment principles for all people. Wow.

And you know Milo LOVES this, he thrives on this. What Chase doesn’t seem to understand is that he’s feeding Milo’s movement by whining about the ACLU protecting him.

Honestly Milo should send this guy cookies and a thank you note.


In other words, suck it up.


Well DUH, because Milo is mean and stuff! C’mon … it says right there in the First Amendment that only nice people are protected. *eye roll*

James Madison would never stop throwing up if he saw this mess.

And curtain.


Snowflake VERIFIED! Blue check tweep threatens to have non-fans arrested for retweeting him

Really? Name-calling between CHILDREN ‘investigated’ by U.K. police as transphobic hate incident