If you had told this editor she would spend two days in a row writing about cows at Twitchy, she’d have laughed and asked you to stop eating paint chips … and yet here we are.

Day two covering cows, all because PETA decided it was SEXIST to eat cheese. Oh you didn’t see that one? Promise we’re not making that up, see for yourself.

And now THIS:

Hey Neil, remember when Edison invented the cow?

Good times.


So does that mean we invented pigs too? Mmmm, bacon.

We should honestly invent a half cow, half pig creature to provide filets wrapped in bacon. RIGHT?!

Around the time man invented trees, duh.

He’s only marginally more scientific than Bill Nye.

Stop that! That’s silly.

Well now this is just getting weird.

U-S-A! U-S-A!


WOKE AF! PETA claims eating cheese is sexist against female cows … no seriously, stop laughing

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