People. There are just some symbols that you can’t ‘reclaim’ … the Swastika is one of them. Sorry. It will never ever mean anything in modern-day society other than the murder of millions of innocent Jews.

So yeah, this is dumb.

Like lighting-your-farts-on-fire dumb.

Like drinking-milk-past-its-expiration-date dumb.

Like eating-sushi-from-a-gas-station dumb.



NO NO NO NO and no.

So much no.


WTF indeed.

Quiet you.

Tell us another one.


This is the EXACT face this editor made when she read the tweet – wait, maybe a little more head shaking but close.

Let’s not pretend anyone ever really did take them seriously.

When real life is stranger than Shia Lebeouf they’ve gone too far.

‘Nuff said.


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