Raise your hand if you’re NOT surprised local military-moon-rock enthusiast Brianna Wu is super stoked that Google fired an evil white dude for having an opinion ‘she’ disagrees with.

Only a person with a dark soul would think someone losing a job for having an opinion is a great thing …

Of course anyone who actually read the memo knows it was not blatantly sexist OR racist, but no one has ever accused Wu of being all that bright.

Here’s the funny thing about this … the FEMALE editor of this piece spoke out to Wu about the ‘men’ screaming from the hills, pointing out that women also disagreed with what Google did.

And guess what, she blocked this editor.

Does that make Wu a sexist?

Wu fits RIGHT in with Democrats, right?

She goes on to compare James Damore to the Klan … no, we’re not making this up.


If you suggest to any sane person they are sexist, racist or bigoted and they’re NOT they’re going to get offended.


If only Twitter could part ways with Wu’s toxicity.



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