Wait. You mean the Left discriminates against people who think differently from them. Even women and minorities?

No way. They’re the party of tolerance, equality and acceptance … right?

Ok, maybe not.

And of course they discriminate against Obianuju, she doesn’t fit into their nice and neat little narrative that says all women and all minorities are progressives and Democrats.

Because how DARE you protest to protect LIFE.

Ideological supremacy … that is BRILLIANT. Seriously, Obianuju should trademark this phrase because it is PERFECT.

Or disagreeing with them about anything. Truth.

Conservative views can be very challenging to share when so many in the media work overtime to frame them in ugly, and false ways.

But we gotta keep trying.


SO BackASSwards: WOMEN nuke SJWs shrieking ‘off with his head’ over Google ‘anti-diversity’ memo