If you take a look around SJW Twitter (and you won’t want to do this without first drinking at least ONE shot of something alcoholic), you’ll see many angry, hairy-legged womyn screeching about some EVIL engineer at Google disagreeing with forced diversity.

You’ll also see these chicks (broads, hyenas, harpies) calling for this guy’s JOB because he dared question the idea of forcing diversity for diversity’s sake and citing actual facts and evidence from behavioral science.

See what we mean?

Luckily several women (notice, no Y) spoke out against this idea … including Claire Lehmann:


So much boom.

Boom boom boom.

Did we mention this was boom?


Holy crap.

Other posts from women supporting the evil memo:

And of course the brilliant Christina Sommers tweeted this tidbit:

You mean the guy was right, that science agrees with him?! Get outta town.

Hey, SJWs, just because you disagree with something a white guy says doesn’t mean he’s racist or sexist.

Uh-oh, now we’ve written part of a Twitchy Manifesto … and a WHITE WOMAN WROTE IT.

The horror.


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