So it seems all you evil white guys with your evil white privilege keep taking up all the lines in movies … knock it off, ok?

Holy crap, people really believe this nonsense:

From The New York Times (so you don’t have to click it):

The study, conducted by the school’s Signal Analysis and Interpretation Lab, used artificial intelligence and machine learning to do a linguistic analysis of nearly 1,000 popular film scripts, mostly from the last several decades. Of the 7,000 characters studied, nearly 4,900 were men and just over 2,000 were women. And perhaps unsurprisingly, the male characters spoke far more than the female ones did, with 37,000 dialogues involving men and just 15,000 involving women.

Why do people keep paying for these stupid studies? Oh wait, progressives … never mind.

And they wonder why we call them fake news.

But they are letting white guys talk! Don’t you know how sexist that is? *eye roll*

And that’s 100% right, 60% of the time.


They don’t.

Next question?

And seriously, men talk more than women? On what planet?!


Dude, right?



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