HuffPost seems to think Conservatives are taking over Google.

Huh. Ya’ don’t say. For realz?

Anyone else have visions of Conservative ninjas rushing Google headquarters in Silicon Valley carrying their Gadsden flags and pocket Constitutions?

HuffPost ALMOST makes WaPo look legit.

Scary, right?

One memo that pointed out the reality of women versus men, and it’s “ZOMG THE CONSERVATIVES ARE TAKING OVER!!!!”

Who knew we were so powerful?

Yeah, Cenk is a total Conservative.


Ya’ know, at this rate we’re surprised more people aren’t day drinking.

Progressives are quickly turning into fascists so they can protect us all from the things they deem too mean, racist, sexist or bigoted.

Cue the brown shirts.

Dude, that’s the majority of progressives these days.

No wonder they think one dissenting view means Conservatives are taking over.


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