Pretty sure Senator Dianne Feinstein didn’t MEAN to admit the real reason Democrats don’t want to fix immigration in this country …

OH NOEZ! Who will pick our fruit and clean our toilets if we don’t allow those happy little ILLEGAL workers from Mexico to keep crossing the border?

Remind us again why they think Republicans are the elitists?

If a Republican said this every news outlet in this country (minus Fox) would be screeching about how racist the Right is and how they want to impose modern-day slavery on illegal immigrants.

See above.

SUPER racist.

But then again, Dianne IS a Democrat.

And yet which party gets accused of racism all of the time?

HA! We kinda sorta love the idea of Dianne and Nancy Pelosi picking their own fruit.

Sadly in 2017 her being a U.S. Senator is pretty commonplace – no one ever accused 2017 of being all that bright of a year.


However that would be disrespecting the poor because asking those who get from the government to give a little back is racist.

But making comments about them picking our fruit ISN’T, if you’re a Democrat.