You’d think by NOW these people would know that not only is @sean_spicier NOT Sean Spicer, but that Spicer isn’t even the Press Secretary anymore.

It takes so little …

Then again it is the Obama horde we’re talking about.

Man, they get one silly talking point and they really stick to it, eh?

Wow, the Left is super eloquent and stuff.

They still think he’s Spicer.

Holy Hell.

Cray is gonna cray.

Sometimes they seriously make it too easy.

College educated.

Too bad said English teacher couldn’t take a moment to look for that blue check.

Could it be that once again you are angry about something else and looking to take it out on Jeffe?


That 26th amendment, duh.

Dude, put a shirt on.

So clueless.

What the Hell is a garbage monster?

Oh sad puppet.


This NEVER gets old.


SO BackASSwards: WOMEN nuke SJWs shrieking ‘off with his head’ over Google ‘anti-diversity’ memo