Kamala Harris was on a roll yesterday pandering to black women and pretending there is some great conspiracy to make sure they are paid less based on their race and sex. She completely left out the reality of women in general working in different jobs than men, and ignored the FACT that people with the same experience and education do make the same wage for the same job.

On average. Which doesn’t really compare like-job to like-job; if you compare a doctor to a waitress guess what, there’s a wage gap. AND THERE SHOULD BE.

Interestingly enough, she also left out the fact that a black, Democratic man has been in charge of the country for the last eight years:

So in essence, Kamala spent the day complaining about her own party and a black president.

Think she knows?

I’m sure if she thought it would fly she’d blame Bush and then Trump, while totally ignoring the Obama administration.

Talking points = FAIL.

As usual.


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