Many Democrats flipped their shiznit when the DCCC said they would begin funding Democrats who support life. Of course the media reported it as ‘Democrats who oppose abortion rights’ but we’re used to them framing this argument in a totally f’d up way.

Seems Rosie is a tad unhappy with funding prolife.

Just a tad.

Because Democrats don’t have enough problems already … sure, fracture the party because some Democrats are prolife.

Seems accurate for progressives.

Abortion isn’t women’s healthcare.

When will progressive women figure out that it’s not only men who fight against abortion and in fact many, many women despise it?

Seems no time soon, which means they’ll just keep losing elections all over the country. Clearly the DCCC sees an issue if they would fund prolife Democrats at this point.

Oh and sorry but please spare us Rosie, that you care about women when you rt things like this:


Keep it up, 2020 Trump says thanks.


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