As Twitchy readers know, Ben Shapiro debated Cenk Uygur at Politicon 2017 and it was KICK-ASS. And while Shapiro was more than modest about his performance at the debate, the majority clearly thought he not only won, but destroyed Cenk.

Seems Ben has a fairly famous and outspoken fan who also caught the debate:



Days before, Shapiro was traveling and started to answer questions on Twitter. One of which was what is the most hilarious thing that has happened to him on Twitter.

He answered:

And of course Jenna responded.

C’mon, between the amount of troll-destroying she does on her timeline and her obvious support of liberty and conservative values, Jenna would make a GREAT campaign manager.

Run Ben Run!


FLAWLESS VICTORY: Ben Shapiro debates Cenk Uygur, vindicates Conservative principles [watch]