It all boils down to one thing for feminists – penis hate. Third wave feminists keep telling the World that it’s about equality and empowerment but what it really boils down to is hating men.

Jill Filipovic has all but admitted it in this one tweet:

Sure, this tweet was in reaction to what Kirsten Gillibrand tweeted yesterday about imagining would could get done if half of Congress was women. And as you can IMAGINE, many people had ideas about what they could get done, like socks and underwear.

But c’mon, this is a cheap shot even for Filipovic.

Don’t see a lot of men running around dressed up like penises.

Thank God.

Ugh, make it stop.

If feminists didn’t whine, bitch and tell others how to live their lives they’d have no platform or agenda to speak of …

Not to mention men have accomplished a good deal:

And curtain.


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