Well this was just asking for trouble …

And of course being that it was Socialism and all, Matt Yglesias was front and center … after all it seems to be one of his favorite things:

Hrm. We feel the need to fix this for Matt: Socialism is the exploitation of man by government. Yeah, that works.


He leans heavily on the socialist side which is basically leaning on the stupid side so this tweet totally works.

Why are progressives so set on taking stuff from others? Didn’t they learn NOT to do that in kindergarten?

Maybe not.

What he really meant was Capitalism is mean and Socialism is nice.

Seriously, that’s what it boils down to for people like Matt.

That’s pretty stupid.

Gold star for Python!


FYI, Matt may have been making a joke …

On that note, we’re not sure which is funnier, his joke or the fact that he has said enough ridiculous stuff in the past that people thought this was just him? Maybe both.


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