Last night, during ‘Game of Thrones,’ HBO advertised a show called ‘Confederate,’ which follows the fictional idea that the South won the Civil War and slavery still exists in modern day.

Several people FREAKED OUT and took to Twitter to pretend this was somehow some giant racist plot, starting a tag called #NoConfederate.

We present this epic tweetstorm from movie and comic book writer Geoff Thorne on the upcoming show and thought police (it is LONG but worth your time, we promise):

He’s spot on.

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SJWs would have thrown epic temper tantrums and shut Twain down. Absolutely.

So much BOOMAGE.

Keyword here is ALLOWED. SJWs think they have the right to tell people what should and shouldn’t be allowed.

And that’s fascism.

Ok, we may be crying just a little bit at this point … dude is so SPOT ON.

How novel.

So. Damn. EPIC.


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