Oh brother. Kirsten Gillibrand is really milking this whole Collins and Murkowski voting against repealing Obamacare thing … which is incredibly insulting because that means she believes women support a government controlling this very important part of our lives.

And we get that Kirsten was trying to be all deep and meaningful here, but she had to know this ‘imagining’ would go horribly wrong:

Well if women were elected to half of all governmental positions in this country because they were the best person for the job, that makes sense. If however Gillibrand is suggesting we should just let women have these roles (which she probably is) that doesn’t make any sense.

And IMAGINE what they could get done!

Andy Richter rt’d this … oh FFS.

That’s not how this works, that’s not how ANY of this works, Carlos.

Uh-oh …


Equality? Heh.

Ugh, check please.


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