Earlier today the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee agreed to funding Democrats who are prolife (can’t help but notice how The Hill reports it as ‘opposing abortion rights’).

Former head of the DNC and FAILED Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean doesn’t seem overly thrilled with this turn of events. Remember when Tom Perez (current head of the DNC) said prolife Democrats weren’t allowed in the party?

Keep it classy, Democrats.

Withholding is one word there, Howard. The place you most often see the term ‘withholding’ is on a tax form … and we all know Democrats don’t pay taxes so that might be why he spelled it wrong.


So that’s it, if the DCCC funds Democrats who support life, Howard won’t support the DCCC.

Look who else is all happy with Howard Dean … and she was so upset earlier.


Right? Progressives are the party of death, not life.

Nope, but luckily he and other Democrats won’t listen.

And so few of them will see an issue with this …


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