We get it, when everything is racist nothing is. But this … this was racist. And please, spare us the ‘you can’t be racist against white people’ crap, any race can experience racism.

And Ijeoma Oluo proves it right here:

Seriously. Turns out Oluo is in Montana, and this editor just so happens to be from that part of the country and guess what, she’s full of it. Not that we could explain this to her because she not only has this editor blocked but Twitchy as well …

And of course like most SJWs she was just looking to troll for attention.

People are tired of being called racists, Ijeoma. They’re not. Simply being a white person does not make someone racist.

Cracker Barrel is delicious, just FYI.

Huh, sounds racist.

She’s good at that whole blocking people thing, ain’t she?

Cracker Barrel happens to be a popular chain all over the country serving people of all sexes, colors and creeds. Stop pretending people care enough to hate you, they don’t.



Of course she is.


She is indeed. But if you tell her so she doesn’t try and dialogue, she just blocks you.

Gosh, that’s shocking.


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