Chris Christie seems to have taken it very personally when a Cubs fan at a Milwaukee Brewers game razzed him last night. He was so fussy with this fan that he got in his face and allowed himself to be captured on video doing it.

Ugh, Chris … if you’re going to try and be all tough at least put the nachos DOWN first.

Twitter reacted as Twitter often does with a multitude of captions, memes and jokes at Christie’s expense.

Get in my belly!

So much progress.

Yeah, this didn’t go so hot for Christie.

Not his best look.

OMG the guy does look a lot like a heftier Leo … EL OH EL.

So does this mean Christie is living in a van down by the river?!

He’s not wrong.


Hey now, those nachos are super intimidating.

Sad but true.


Here’s the video of Chris Christie yelling at a Cubs fan while holding a bowl of nachos