Is this a sign of the end of times?

Sally Kohn posted a selfie with Ann Coulter at #Politicon2017 on her timeline and Twitter freaked out. Well to be fair, the Left freaked out, the Right took it as an opportunity to mock Kohn or talk about reaching across the aisle.

And let’s be honest, Ann had to know Sally’s followers would have an aneurysm and combust in giant clouds of glitter glue when she posted this for her followers.

Alrighty then.

Pretty harmless selfie really, but of course SJWs had to make a big deal out of it.

Check out these responses from Lefties:

Because women who disagree politically shouldn’t take a selfie together? How very progressive.

Oh good grief. If you unfollow someone on Twitter over a selfie you MIGHT need to stop taking yourself too seriously.

Ann Coulter doesn’t even have to try and these people lose their damn minds; so does this make her a troll at the master level?