If Webster decides to use images to define words someday, Chelsea Clinton’s face will be right next to the words ‘white’ and ‘privilege’. Seriously, if there is such a thing as white privilege, Hillary’s daughter has lots and lots and lots of it.

Sure Chelsea, white people love being lectured by other white people about racism. That seems totally legit and meaningful. *eye roll*

When will the Left figure out that racism is learned? It is not inherent to any one race and to pretend white kids need to be taught not to hate others based on skin color is just ugly.

Shame on you, Chelsea.

But then who would we make fun of?

That would make for a more meaningful tweet, true.

Hard work and smart decisions?! How racist.

Yeah, this didn’t go so well for Chelsea.


THAT’S what it really boils down to.

And Chelsea should know better.


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