Pretty blatant there, New York Times. Gotta protect the single-payer for America agenda, right?

‘Incurably ill.’

Wow, could the New York Times give any more shade to socialized medicine (single-payer) with this headline? We will never know if Charlie was ‘incurable’ because his own government condemned him to ‘die with dignity’. By the time enough noise had been made to attempt any sort of treatment his parents wanted, it was too late. His own government had stalled so long he never had a chance.

And the world watched as single-payer destroyed a young life and a family.

We’ll never know.

They can if they’re trying to pretend socialized medicine isn’t garbage and doing their best to limit the damage this poor baby’s death could cause to their agenda for single-payer in America.

Why indeed?

You stay classy, New York Times.


‘Their beautiful boy.’ Parents of baby Charlie Gard say he has passed away