After Senate Republicans failed to pass the #SkinnyRepeal last night (looking at you, McCain), Ted Cruz was interviewed about their continued inability to repeal Obamacare, like they promised.

And he NAILED it.

‘Democrats will claim total victory for a collapsing law that is Obamacare, and the media will write story after story about how awesome it is.’

Absolutely —> ‘No people can remain in power by lying to the American people.’

And he’s right, senators will go home to their communities and have to face the people they promised to work for; hopefully then they will come back and do what they’ve been promising to do for the last seven years.

Considering McCain ran on repealing Obamacare just last year … gosh, this sounds a lot like McCain lied. Just our humble opinion.

This is what it’s beginning to feel like; and that may not be the case for Cruz but far too many Republicans are saying one thing and doing another.

Republicans voted for a clean repeal of Obamacare 52 times while Obama was president, that just makes this betrayal even worse.

And Ted Cruz knows it.


Liberals: ‘OMG I love John McCain now!’ McCain votes NO on #SkinnyRepeal, says it ‘fell short’