Not sure why Sally thought this tweet was a good idea. To be fair, we’re not sure why Sally thinks tweeting in general is a good idea, but we digress.

Sally tweeted a ‘letter’ to Senate Republicans about Obamacare:

Since when does Sally speak for America?

Progressives always think they know best because in their minds people in general are inherently stupid.

Obamacare was always the catalyst for single payer in the minds of Democrats; you know they are licking their chops at the thought of having even more control over Americans.

And now they expect Republicans to fix their mess.

She was also silent when millions of American families lost their coverage under Obamacare … convenient, eh?


We all seem to agree on TrumpaCare, nobody likes it. So let’s just repeal Obamacare and leave the health insurance world alone? Crazy, right?

Details details, she’s got a narrative to push.