Another day, another Lefty reminding us they are soulless.

Granted, Trump brought Barron up in the original tweet, but for Keith to use him to attack his dad and question their relationship is just classless.

Add Keith Olbermann to the list of Lefties who attack kids.

Rosie, Kathy, Keith, Chelsea  …

Nah, Keith is a progressive and whatever /whoever he can use to push his narrative and support his agenda is fair game.

Kid or not.

And here’s the thing, Trump really isn’t doing himself any favors on Twitter, but Keith just gave him an out by being twice as awful. In essence yes, they are all but re-electing him in 2020 every time they do this.

Because that’s how he and many other talking heads on the Left are making bank. This isn’t about making America a better country, it’s about how much he can enrage people to click and read his nonsense.

It’s all about the outrage.

C’mon people, just leave the kids out of it.


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