For weeks (months) Jim Acosta and other journos have been complaining nonstop that press conferences at the White House weren’t being televised. NOW Scaramucci tweets out that they’re turning the cameras back on and these same journos seem a little … paranoid?

There ya’ go, whiners. The cameras are BACK ON …


But it would appear some journos don’t trust Scaramucci for some reason:

Yeah that’s it, you caught Scaramucci in his evil plan to make you guys feel like he’s cooperating and then BAM, he’ll unleash a bunch of rabies-infested ferrets, clown snakes and zombie gnomes on the press corps.

Get a grip, dude.

And speaking of getting a grip …

Right, Spicer was so scared of the press.

Oh good grief.

C’mon journos. Who loves ya’ baby?!


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