All Kid Rock has to do is share a story about how he’s leading the Democrat running for the Senate in Michigan and Lefties explode everywhere. He ALMOST freaks them out as much as Trump did.

Someone might want to tell them that the more they freak out about him the better he’ll do with most Republicans.

In a world of explosive politics people don’t seem all that concerned with policy, experience or ideas … it’s really just about how much they piss off the other side. And we all know that ultimately this does nothing to make the country better, but full transparency, it’s still sorta fun to watch them implode.

Look at the responses on this tweet:

That seems to be the point.

And Kid Rock’s lead just jumped up by another point – keep it up, smug Lefties.

They just don’t get it.

Blah blah blah blah blah. No one cares when Democrats keep running a bunch of old, rich, white people.

Democrats better hope not.

Oops, he just went up another point.

Catching on yet?

We didn’t think so.


IT’S HAPPENING! New poll has Kid Rock up by 4 over Debbie Stabenow