And around and around we go …

Trump calls out the media. The media calls out Trump. Trump calls them out again, the media cries. We all laugh at the media.


For example:

Because goodness knows the media can’t and won’t take responsibility for their own actions and reporting. They’re far too busy making up theories around Russia and crying about their new Boogieman, Putin.

Truth be told, if the media would just shut up for a few minutes they’d get a lot more done. Just sayin’.

NOT the real Scaramucci folks, but definitely a parody making a decent point.

Fair point, perhaps he should stick to what he knows?

See what we mean?


Editor’s note: Just last week, Chris Cillizza held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit and as you can imagine, it didn’t work out so hot for him in the end (although full disclosure, we had a blast writing about it).


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