Every once in awhile you come across a thread on Twitter that makes you scratch your head even more so than usual. Take for example this tweet from Guy Benson, who directed followers to look at the replies on another thread …

The thread Benson is referring to is a story about three very successful black women who run McDonald’s franchises that employ more than 700 people and make $50 million annually.

You’d think the Left would celebrate these women …

Guess again.


What? These people actually think this way …

You know that face you make when something is just so stupid that you can’t even?

Nobody forces anyone to eat at McDonalds.

To Benson’s point, these people are more concerned about Socialism being the go-to than they are about three minority women finding a way to be very successful … isn’t that the whole idea behind the Left supposedly?

Helping the little guy.

Guess Lefties only mean the GOVERNMENT helping the little guy.


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